AMF, thats me, Alexander Mersdorf (from) Friedberg(germany/bavaria).

But I also use the shortcut for Alexander Mersdorf Fotografie.

-Sports (every kind there is)

I started with Photography in the end of 2006, when i realized that i probably wont be as good in skating as i wanted to be…. so I decided to take photos of people who are that good.

So i bought  my first camera: the Canon 350D

Since then i came a long way. Aside of my studies at the University of Applied Science in Augsburg im traveling around working for Sportograf.



3 replies on “AMF? WTF!?”

i would love to, but I cant get things going these days.
Abitur and stuff u know 🙂
maybe I’ll post the Photos i took for my art-lessons

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