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I did a little biketour with my girl yesterday.And since i decided to take more pictures of where i go and of what I see on my way there, i took my camera.

Well one could say, that my Set-Up wasnt really the best for a biking-event with stop and shoot action:

I placed my LowePro Nova 190 into my Ortlieb Messenger Bag. Why? well the Nova sucks to be taken by bike, cause it likes to swing around your chest. But I didnt want to take the big Tamrac. So: Nova into the Ortlieb!

Sadly that decreased the amout of pictures i took during the ride( take off the backpack – open it – flip the nova open – take out the cam – *click* – and reverse)

Just used jpeg format, so some photoshop work was obvious (burnt sky).

right now there are two pictures on my flickr … more will come soon!

By Alex Mersdorf

Alex fotografiert seit seiner Jugend gerne Sport und Sportevents. Mit den Jahren packte ihn aber der Ehrgeiz sich selbst an Läufen zu probieren.
Über Spartan Races driftet er in die Trailrun-Gemeinde und liebäugelt schon mit dem Triathlon.

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That’s a great photo! I like the composition, and the color in the grass. Also, there are a few odd rules and aesthetics to bike photography; this one does a great job of the road itself, which I’d want to minimize if I were shooting a “regular” landscape. Well done!

Sounds like a heavy, and perhaps slightly awkward way to marry a camera to a bike? Sadly, I leave my nice/”real” camera behind for my rides, and take a pocket-sized point and shoot with a wide lens.

Thank you for your comment!
I sometimes feel a bit strange pulling out that 1D to take a quick shot of the landscape. But the pictures and the chance to put on a tele-lens pay me of most of the time. Im looking for a nice Sling-/ or fast access-backpack right now to get the shot more quickly.

And that Canon G12 is on top of my shopping list 🙂 Or can you give me any other recommendation?

Interesting coincidence. I shoot with a 1D mark 2. I got it used after my 5D died. (I’ve shot in the rain with it 100 times or more, until one fateful day…)

Lately I’ve been shooting with a Sony something or other. It was very cheap, smallish, and had a 25 mm lens. I don’t recommend it. If you’re shooting with a camera like a 1D, I doubly don’t recommend it. The thing has 16 million mediocre pixels; the files are gigantic, and when you look closely (50 % view or closer) it looks like someone ran an “add noise” filter, ramped the saturation up, and then over-sharpened things. The pics downsize to the web acceptably, but, after being used to a nice camera … it’s a disappointment. I’ve borrowed a friend’s Canon P&S, and it doesn’t suffer the same awful quality up close, so this isn’t just a case of a small sensor. One final thing to complain about: the 4:3 format looks square and boxy when you’re used to the nice, wide, well-proportioned 2:3 that suits landscape photography. 😉

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