Portrait Studio Stuff

Conference Shooting


A big brown box, a one side black – one side zebra – sheet, two “bored” dudes and the new Conference clothing line.

Daniel recieved a new big box of stuff these days. So we built up our first class, high tech, hard to top and amazing huge Studio.

It was my first time shooting in a “studio” and also first time with 3 flashes (all concerning sersious Fotos). It was an


interesting experience and Im pretty contend with the result.

Well, if you ever met Daniel, you know that on a session like this, it would become hard to get only serious shots.

First we covered Daniels bed with all the shirts an quickly decided which background we would use…

after some impro-action we had our perfect background an the first silly idea.

I’d say it’s Sifika’s  fault to produce such a shirt, inspiring us to have ideas like some of the following

But enough of the talking: Make sure to visit Daniels blog and

and now enjoy 🙂



Thanks to the Conference for their great products and thanks to Daniel for keeping his gas inside

to all Hippies:

No Animals were harmed or killed during the shooting

All the fur-stuff is artificial!!!


By Alex Mersdorf

Alex fotografiert seit seiner Jugend gerne Sport und Sportevents. Mit den Jahren packte ihn aber der Ehrgeiz sich selbst an Läufen zu probieren.
Über Spartan Races driftet er in die Trailrun-Gemeinde und liebäugelt schon mit dem Triathlon.