Pictures of the Daniel Prell Interview by One

Spending my days at the german army throughout the week always gives me a pretty huge lack of information when I get home on the weekend.

This time my freind Daniel had some really good news for me…

The procedure was the same as every weekend… 3 hour travel home, unpack the dirty stuff, power up my computer. check what I missed. On my mail account i found a message from Daniel, sending me a link, nothing special in common, but this time it lead me to the homepage of One-Magazine with an interview on Daniel Prell, with mostly my pictures.

first thing where my shots of the GH-Tour got used! Thanks to Daniel and Grindhouse to let me join the trip an shoot some really nice spots!

make shure to check the i-view and the pictures!

By Alex Mersdorf

Alex fotografiert seit seiner Jugend gerne Sport und Sportevents. Mit den Jahren packte ihn aber der Ehrgeiz sich selbst an Läufen zu probieren.
Über Spartan Races driftet er in die Trailrun-Gemeinde und liebäugelt schon mit dem Triathlon.

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