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Paintball with South Unit

Last Sunday I got to play some paintball again.

I drove to guenzburg alone hoping that there will be some teams who will let me join their games.

So i got to know the boys of South Unit, a crazy pack of dudes who were drinking the night before and played to get sober… or at least to reach a status close to that.

We made up a deal: i shoot some pics of them playing in return they let me join.WP-11

It was my first time on the field with the MarkIII so i was a bit anxious about it. Of course I had the glorious idea to lay down in the middle of the field to get some new perspektives on the players— Yeah! Paintspray all over the cam!


Then most of the Teams left and we played some nice 2 vs 3 games… actually I didnt really play foir the win, just for the fun… including some pretty unusual movements, which, most of the time, ended in me being totaly humiliated.

So after all, it was just great! my chest looked like a battlefield and my thighs were totaly wasted but DAMN that was some fun.

here some pictures:


Ernst, the photgrapher of South Unit. He wanted to have some pictures of him, ’cause as a photog. you know the problem: You take pictures of everyone, but there are never some of yourself.


Uwe + Ernst
Uwe + Ernst


Oli, burping at Uwe. Actions like this were besides a lot of “your mother…” speeches a main part of the day.

Thanks to the guys of South Unit, im looking forward to our next game.

Again i decided that i have to do this more often than once in about 3 months.

So long…

By Alex Mersdorf

Alex fotografiert seit seiner Jugend gerne Sport und Sportevents. Mit den Jahren packte ihn aber der Ehrgeiz sich selbst an Läufen zu probieren.
Über Spartan Races driftet er in die Trailrun-Gemeinde und liebäugelt schon mit dem Triathlon.