Pictures of the Daniel Prell Interview by One

Spending my days at the german army throughout the week always gives me a pretty huge lack of information when I get home on the weekend. This time my freind Daniel had some really good news for me…

Else Outdoor

Paintball with South Unit

Last Sunday I got to play some paintball again. I drove to guenzburg alone hoping that there will be some teams who will let me join their games. So i got to know the boys of South Unit, a crazy pack of dudes who were drinking the night before and played to get sober… or […]

Portrait Studio

Back off! *bzzzt* – It’s alive!

Lets just update this thing here a bit. Well, I made it thru my Abitur with an outstanding 2,8. Since then I kinda started to be just lazy, didnt go much shooting… okay, i did shoot some stuff with Daniel in the studio of his university but that was more experimental than really efficient. But […]

Else Outdoor Skating

‘Small’ Gear-Update + little shoot

Well, as some of you already read on Daniels Blog I took most of the money i put aside plus a little loan from my parents plus a little bonus for my abitur to finally buy a newer cam than the good old 350D.

Outdoor Skating

First Skate-Shooting 2009

Sun is shining, the weather is easy… First time outside shooting Skaters with more than one flash.


Paintball-tourney in Guenzburg

The Area in guenzburg celebrated their outdoor-field opening with a nice tourney on Sunday 5th.

Portrait Studio Stuff

Conference Shooting

A big brown box, a one side black – one side zebra – sheet, two “bored” dudes and the new Conference clothing line.

Studio Stuff

Setup-shooting @ Daniel’s

Mr Prell recieved a new box of toys this week so we met to build some setups for all those skaters out there to see what is possible these days 😉